Branded Polythene Carrier Bags

Branded Polythene Carrier Bags

Are you looking for branded polythene carrier bags, then MediaBeetlesUK is the company for you. Our products are made to order and branded with your own information. Branded polythene carrier bags can be produced here in the UK in five to seven working days subject to type and quantities such as the patch or punch handle carrier, rising to three to four weeks for the rope handled polythene carrier or duffle carriers. Of course we are referring to spot colour branding rather than four colour process work, which has a minimum of three to four weeks. These bags are ideal for the cheaper budget, and can be made to feel or look more expensive by upping the material gauge, ie making it thicker. These bags of course, are supplied in biodegradable material as standard. Click here for more information on our branded polythene carrier bags. The bags will usually be offered in a cost per thousand bags with an extra stereo cost. The stereos are the plates required to put your image onto the the branded polythene carrier bags and can be used again, which is why we separate them out, so that you could see the price should you require the bags to be printed again.

The branded polythene carrier bags are our most popular product with the majority of our orders being the useful branded polythene carrier bag.

White Flexi loop carrier bag

White Flexi loop carrier bag

white poly duffle carrier

Polythene Duffle Carrier

Process Patch handle carrier Bag

4 colour Process Patch handle carrier Bag

Rope Handled Polythene Carrier

Rope Handled Polythene Carrier Bag

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